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“the dirty rasta skankyness never known before spews filthy glitch covered rainbow ribbon garble noises…the core of every good sound excursion. thanks josh.”
(from 477, a circuitbender in Melbourne who installed the Kawai R-100 bends documented within; check out his R-100 and his tracks!)

GumiElectronic specializes in modification, circuit bending, and repair of vintage drum machines and synthesizers. I aim to provide documentation and tutorials of all projects for you DIYers out there.

I’ve taken a new job and cannot do mods anymore, except for the summer months. Check the Service page for details.

All of the info contained here is free and open, as it should be. If you use any of the info on these pages for your projects please cite GumiElectronic in your documentation or link back to these pages in an effort to expand the DIY community and knowledge-base. Or send your documentation to me and I’ll post it here.

GumiElectronic has been operated by Josh Gumiela (aka gumi) since 2005.
Currently housed in Saint Paul, Minnesota.