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Roland CR-8000 Modification Photos

Roland CR-8000 Modification Photos

June 10th, 2010  |  Published in Photos, Roland CR-8000  |  2 Comments

Various photos of the Roland CR-8000 modification:


  1. fernando says:

    February 4th, 2014at 5:54 am(#)

    incredible, amazing wow, i have a cr8000 without buttons, and i want to do all your mods, i will try and i keep you informed.

  2. V-Agent says:

    July 2nd, 2014at 8:17 am(#)

    That’s really quite impressive.

    I don’t suppose you could elaborate on some of the various mods that went into that beast? Just the sound tuning mods. All the world of hungry circuit benders really needs is a basic rundown and pointers for the schematics for people like me to work it out, time being what it is. Having something to orientate by, while digging around in the guts of the beast from someone who went in and came out alive on the other side would be a lifesaver and potentially save us from stupid/expensive/fatal mistakes.

    Just a few simple pointers basically for people about to embark on their own journey into the innards of the Disco Inferno. It would still leave room for people who want, and are willing to pay for, the grand modding to be carried out. I almost would, but shipping being what it is from and to Australia it is unfortunately not on the cards.

    I certainly don’t need MIDI the way I run the Sync 24 side of the rig, but stuff like OSC tunings and decay/ENV, etc on voices other than the BD would, as you know, transform the catankerous old Cash Register 8K into something grand.

    As it is, I’m going to do the decay mod you put up on this site and tap wires off the circuit board at the volume points while I am there and connect them to a suitable computer interface type plug allowing the individual outputs to be placed into an external box.

    So if nothing else, I thank you for the info that at least will make that possible.

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