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Roland CR-8000: Someone Else’s Mods

Roland CR-8000: Someone Else’s Mods

June 10th, 2010  |  Published in Documents, Roland CR-8000  |  1 Comment

Someone Else’s Mods: My experience with this company was disappointing. Twice I asked to buy the documentation on their CR-8000 mods and twice they curtly refused, insisting I pay for the entire kit or installation service. Eventually I was able to reverse engineer their mods, but in the end, I wasn’t that impressed. Many of their pot values make fine tuning difficult, and they missed some components that would have made for better mods, IMO. Their MIDI mod also only triggers 11 voices and appears to be non-velocity sensitive (except for getting accents). But there is some useful information here if you’re modding a CR-8000 for the first time.


  1. Christopher Anderson says:

    April 26th, 2012at 10:12 am(#)

    Hi, I’m looking for the analogue solutions CR8000 tonal modifications info, and/or additional drum tone mods for the CR8000. I was very happy to read your article “Someone Else’s Mods” because this is exactly my experience as well. I have tried to buy just the information for several machines. I have bought a kit or two because it was necessary. But I don’t believe they offer even the kits any longer.

    I just want the information so that I can perform the Mods myself.

    Would you share or sell me your mod information?

    Thanks very much,

    Christopher Anderson

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