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Kawai R-100 U40 DAC Bends

Kawai R-100 U40 DAC Bends

June 13th, 2010  |  Published in Kawai R-100, Photos  |  1 Comment

You can get a variety of nasty distortion/bit reduction effects by connecting pins 1–12 on U40, which is the R-100′s DAC chip. I tested all 12 pins, but I only ended up wiring pins 1–8 to a bank of switches on the R-100′s front panel. These bends turn the R-100 into a very dirty beast.

Pins 1–12 of the R-100's DAC (U40, labeled in orange) can be connected for a variety of distortion/bit reduction effects. I originally tried cutting the traces to each pin but decided I liked the sound of straight pin-to-pin connections better, so that's why the PCB looks a little mucked up. Pins 1–8 are shown wired here.

The switch bank for connecting the R-100's DAC pins (U40), as seen from inside the case.

The front panel switch bank for connecting pins 1–8 of the R-100's DAC chip (U40).


  1. aphxero says:

    March 29th, 2011at 6:42 am(#)

    Just completed this bend and it’s soooo gritty! Thanks for publishing this howto.

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