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Roland CR-8000 Bass Drum Decay Mod

Roland CR-8000 Bass Drum Decay Mod

June 8th, 2010  |  Published in Documents, Roland CR-8000, Schematics  |  1 Comment

Below is my modification of the original CR-8000 bass drum circuit (in blue). Those familiar with the TR-606 mods will notice the similarity to Geoff Waterson’s TR-606 BD Decay Mod. You can experiment with the component values (especially the .047uF cap and 33k resistor) to get different results. I selected a 33k resistor because it juuuust begins to self-oscillate at the high end of the pot.

If you’re modding a CR, this is a ‘must do’ mod, especially when combined with the bass drum tuning. It doesn’t sound exactly like a TR-808 due to the envelope, but you can get some serious boom for such a simple modification.


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