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FracRack Panel Dimensions & Hardware

FracRack Panel Dimensions & Hardware

August 4th, 2010  |  Published in Documents

A friend of mine sent me this very handy FracRack information. I’m not sure who wrote this up originally, but whoever it was, thanks!


Frac rack modules are 5.25″ high, with widths in multiples of 1.5″.

Per instructions on the Blacet website, mounting holes are 1/8″ wide, 0.75″ inches from the left and right sides and 0.3″ from the top and bottom.

The top 1/2″ and bottom 1/2″ should be left clear to accommodate the mounting rails.


PAiA style L-brackets for mounting PCBs to panels: Mouser part number 534-612 (one hole threaded) or 534-621 (both threaded, 4/40), catalog p. 1853 (thanks to “numbertalk” on electro-music).
#4-40 1/4″ machine screws, Mouser part number 5721-440-1/4SS ($4.80 for a pack of 100), matching hex nuts 5721-440-SS ($4.99 for a pack of 100) – catalog p. 2300.

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