Roland CompuRhythm CR8000 Voice Modifications by Josh Gumiela

BDM DECAY w/norm R29 B100k w/33k series see bass drum decay mod schematic
  TUNE 1 w/norm R1 B5k w/10R series  
  TUNE 2 w/norm R7 B25k w/10R series  
  BOOST 1 w/cut R30 B50k  
  BOOST 2 w/cut R28 B50k  
SNR BOOST 1 w/cut R33 B10k  
  BOOST 2 w/cut R32 B10k  
  TUNE 1 w/norm R94 B10k w/10R series  
  TUNE 2 w/norm R79 B25k w/10R series  
  SNAPPY R34 B100k  
  NOISE w/cut R93 B100k  
DECAY R100 1M  
RIM BOOST R36 B100k  
TUNE R273 B100k  
  HPF R269 B25k w/82R series  
CLP BOOST R206 B100k  
  BPF R148 B25k w/82R series  
  SNAPPY R202 B250k  
  REVERB w/cut R241 B250k  
  DECAY R262 B500k  
  OFFSET VR10 B10k  
HH BOOST R185 B100k  
  HPF R160 B100k w/5.1k series  
CYM BOOST R186 B100k  
  TUNE w/norm R228 B100k w/33k  
  BPF R218 B2k w/120R series  
  DECAY R236 B2k  
  OSC 1 TUNE R223* B500k *schematic says 390k but 330k was in place
  OSC 2 TUNE R221* B500k *schematic says 470k but 430k was in place
  OSC 3 TUNE R219* B500k *schematic says 390k but 650k was in place
  OSC 4 TUNE R232 B500k  
  OSC 5 TUNE R231* B500k *schematic says 470k but 510k was in place
  OSC 6 TUNE R226 B1M  
  HPF w/norm R191 B500k  
CLV BOOST R106 B100k swapped outputs: clave routed to snr/rim; toms routed to clave
  TUNE R110 B100k w/1k series  
LCG BOOST R131 B50k  
  TUNE R127 B2k w/33R series  
MCG BOOST R132 B50k  
  TUNE R143 B2k w/51R series  
HCG BOOST R134 B50k for better boost: IC side of R137 (use 18k) to non-diode side of C70; this cuts out the 'clamp' path
  DECAY C71 & C72   for longer HCG decay: same as bass drum decay mod - 2 330k resistors, 1 .047uF cap, 68k resistor to gnd
  TUNE R195 B2k w/68R series & 3k soldered .022uF caps across C71 and C72 to drop pitch; 3k resistor across pins of B10k pot; 68R resistor is series to prevent noise at high end of pot
CBL BOOST R72 B25k R35 (tom noise) to R72 (cbl) to switch outputs
  OSC 1 CUT R68 SPST switch  
  OSC 2 CUT R69 SPST switch  
  TUNE 1 w/norm R57 B1M  
  TUNE 2 w/norm R62 B1M  
  FILTER R70 B10k w/10R series  
  DECAY R67 B50k  
LTM BOOST w/cut R39 B5k R38 and R39 (low&hi tom) to R106 (clave) to swap outputs
  TUNE w/norm R9 B5k  
HTM BOOST w/cut R38 B5k  
  TUNE w/norm R42 B2k  
  NOISE w/cut R45 B50k